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Am I an Employee?

Your Company has a benefit plan that is administered by FAS.

We have just started launching our new online Employee portal (which replaces the previous system – FASTnet). Through this new Employee portal, you will be able to check the status of claims as well as access forms and booklets.

If you have already received a letter with your username and password, as well as a copy of the User Guide, then you are ready to go! If you have misplaced your User Guide, we have posted a copy below for your convenience.

If you have not yet received a letter with your username and password, that means we are still working on transitioning your account from our old system. The transition process does take some time and we appreciate your patience. In the meantime, you can still access your booklets and forms by clicking the 'Forms and Documents' link on the left. Clicking the 'Forms & Documents' link will open a new window where you will enter your previously assigned FASTnet username and password.

Client Portal Employee User Guide

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