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  1.  1.   Where do I send new enrollments/employee changes?
  2.  2.   Where do I send disability claims?
  3.  3.   What is your call centre phone #?
  4.  4.   How do I report salary changes?
  5.  5.   What form do my employees use for submitting visioncare/paramedical claims?
  6.  6.   Can an employee assign payment to a visioncare or paramedical provider?
  7.  7.   How do I order employee booklets?
  8.  8.   How do I request a drug card for an employee?
  9.  9.   What is FAS’s dental carrier ID?
  10.  10.   Can an employee have their waiting period waived? If so, how do I request this?
  11.  11.   Can an employee cover their grandchild?
  12.  12.   What information is required to cover an over-age dependent that is a full-time student?

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