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IUPAT Local 177 Welfare Trust Fund

  1.  1.   How do I get coverage under the Health & Welfare plan?
  2.  2.   When will my coverage begin?
  3.  3.   How many hours are taken from my Health & Welfare Hour Bank account for one month of coverage?
  4.  4.   How can I become covered again if my benefits were previously terminated?
  5.  5.   How do I add or remove dependents?
  6.  6.   Does our plan include Emergency Medical Travel Assistance?
  7.  7.   What information do I need to provide to my dentist so my dental claim can be submitted electronically?
  8.  8.   How can I order a replacement Card?
  9.  9.   When am I eligible for my next pair of new glasses under my vision benefit?
  10.  10.   How do I submit a Prescription Drug Claim?
  11.  11.   Why is my Prescription Drug card not working?
  12.  12.   What is the Prior Authorization Drug Program?
  13.  13.   What should I do if I become disabled?
  14.  14.   What happens to my Health & Welfare Hour Bank account if I become disabled?
  15.  15.   What happens to my benefits while I attend required training programs (Apprenticeship Programs)?

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